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Why most backpackers would want to visit Sydney is to see the city’s world famous attractions. Logically, Sydney divides in to several regions, all areas are a must see for them tourists who are looking to getting a full view of the city and her history. Each area has unique local attractions along with plenty [...]
Probably the best place for flat-water windsurfing in Sydney is the Botany Bay. If the wind is blowing then it will definitely be blowing in Botany Bay. My personal choice is the area between the airport and Brighton Le Sands. And yeah, believe me when I say it can be pretty exciting going out near [...]
Them Sydney backpackers who are passionate about surfing, there are plenty of popular surfing locations around Sydney where you can do just that. Actually, not many other metropolitan areas in the world can come even close to Sydney, in terms of the variety and quality of options available. Miles and miles of Pacific pounded beaches, [...]
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While you are in Sydney, why spend your money unnecessarily on other much more expensive modes of transportation, when you can go wherever you want on a bicycle! Actually, cycling is a fantastic way to travel if you want to get to know the city and have some fun at the sometime. In Sydney there is [...]
Heavy binge consumption amongst many Sydney backpackers is driving up risky sex and rates of sexually transmitted infections in Sydney, specialists say.   Loads of condoms have been distributed for free as a response to the increasing numbers of Sydney backpackers seeking diagnosis and treatment for new infections, especially Chlamydia.   In keeping with recent research, backpackers were more [...]
The Great Barrier Reef, lying off the coast of eastern Australia is the only living organic   collective that is visible from Earth’s orbit. The world’s largest coral system is a natural wonder. The Great Barrier Reef was declared a world heritage site in 1981 and added to Australia’s national heritage list in 2007.   The gigantic reef [...]
Local customs in Sydney often are same as local customs in whole of Australia.   Games:   The majority of Sydney residents seem to be fascinated with chess. This looks obvious because If you go for a stroll in downtown Sydney, especially around the Hyde Park area, you would see many people playing chess on normal size chess [...]
Airport Link   This is a railway service operating from 5AM till midnight 7 days a week, links the domestic and international terminals to all city circle railway stations. For additional information you can call 02 8337 8412 or visit the website   Buses   Sydney Busses operates in the entire city. The main bus terminals are at Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town [...]
For all Sydney backpackers who are on a low budget, most likely the fist thing in their minds is to finding cheapest accommodation. As it is with any other popular tourist destination amongst backpackers, the Internet is the ideal place to quickly find an abundance of information on cheap backpacker accommodation in Sydney.   A search for [...]