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Australian wine regions near Sydney

Not many cities in the world can boast of having wine growing regions on its doorstep like Sydney. A couple of hours drive north-west of the city is the world famous Hunter region. This is the oldest continuously planted region in Australia, producing acclaimed semillon, chardonnay and shiraz.


Merely an hour away from Sydney is the Hawkesbury Nepean region. Its propinquity, historic villages and pretty wineries unite to make it a perfect day trip from the city centre. A more recent producer The Southern Highlands is well suited to producing delicious cool-climate wines.


Excellent cellar doors, historic attractions, fine restaurants and cafes, and quality accommodation ensure these regions are alluring to wine-lovers as well as tourists.


Lower Hunter


This is the oldest wine valley in whole of Australia also is best known for aged semillon and shiraz. Lower Hunter is located to the west of Newcastle. Cessnock, the gateway to the region, is 170 km (2 hours’ drive) north-west of Sydney. 


Hunter Valley is world famous for producing the finest semillon, it can also lay claim to being the home of Australian shiraz and chardonnay.


Hunter Valley’s flavoursome, medium bodied, lower alcohol wines are best described as food wines. Strong regional characteristics of the wines are a product of warm and dry growing conditions and rich red soils.


Upper Hunter Valley


This region located north-west of Newcastle on the Golden and New England Highways is best known for chardonnay and Semillon.


The peaceful rolling countryside and highways of the Upper Hunter distinguish it from the more boisterous Lower Hunter.


Chardonnay from the Upper Hunter has a special depth of flavour. It is a unique style respected by experts and enjoyed by all. Local semillon gives a full-bodied version of the State’s best grape. Any good wine collection would contain at least several vintages of Upper Hunter semillon or chardonnay.


Situated between Wollemi and Yengo national parks, this region offers a relaxing wine-tasting experience with understated winery sheds filled with wine vats and vines out back that typify the Hunter. For those of you who yearn for quality there are small family-owned vineyards where you can sample wines with owner-winemakers.


Hawkesbury Nepean


This region located on the banks of the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers is best known for its Chardonnay and Shiraz. The two rivers form a natural northern boundary for the city of Sydney.


Hawkesbury Nepean is going through a period of revival. Some 35 small vineyards were planted recently. This delightful semi-rural area is just an hour’s drive from Sydney and is the perfect place for a scenic day trip.


Southern Highlands


This region which is located halfway between Sydney and Canberra, inland from the South Coast, is best known for pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and merlot.


Southern Highlands is a newcomer in wine terms, the first vines were planted in the 1980s, today the district thrives on delicate, fresh white wines and pinot noir.


This is a hilly, misty, elevated region, ideally suited to producing cool-climate wines. The highest vineyards receive a dusting of snow in winter but the biggest concentration of vineyards lies to the west of the highway, near Bowral. There are also wineries east of the highway.


Here you will find 60 small wineries and vineyards, 16 with cellar doors, some with vineyard tours, bush treks and weekend entertainment.


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