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Uluru – Ayres Rock Northern Territory (NT)

Ayers Rock/ Uluru is the world’s largest monolith. This Aboriginal sacred site also is the most famous natural landmark in Australia. To visit the Ayers Rock you have to come to the Kata Tjuta National Park 280 miles (450km) southwest of Alice Springs. Those visitors who wish to make the tough 1.6km ascent to the top or take a walking tour around the Ayres Rock can do so with the help of an aboriginal guide. The guide will be your best source for information if you are interested in learning about the Uluru people and the importance of Ayres Rock in dreamtime legend.


Inside this enormous park there are many Aboriginal sacred sites, spectacular scenery and famous rock formations. Visit the Olgas/ Kata Tjuta, a dramatic series of 36 dome-like rock formations, which stand up to 1,701ft (546m) high and cover an area of 35sqkm. Similarly to Uluru these giant rocks too produce an incredible light show at sunset, with crimsons turning to rusts, and pinks to mauves.


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