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Before you get there Travel Planning – Buy a good Australian map and plan the places/regions you intend visiting in Australia. This is crucial since so many other factors evolve from this point. Don’t believe anyone who says, “just arrive and go from there”, as they are usually the ones who waste time and money.      Have a logically [...]
You can play golf in most cities but in Sydney you will find some of the best golf courses. Unlike in other cities, where you often have to compete with other players for space, here in Sydney you can enjoy a quiet game while admiring the spectacular scenery that is all around you. If you [...]
The doorway to Australia, Sydney is well known as a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, combining excellent business and education facilities with great leisure. Famed for its World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House, Sydney is one of the world’s much-loved cities, and has been voted “world’s best city” by readers of US travel magazines Travel & Leisure and [...]
Why most backpackers would want to visit Sydney is to see the city’s world famous attractions. Logically, Sydney divides in to several regions, all areas are a must see for them tourists who are looking to getting a full view of the city and her history. Each area has unique local attractions along with plenty [...]
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While you are in Sydney, why spend your money unnecessarily on other much more expensive modes of transportation, when you can go wherever you want on a bicycle! Actually, cycling is a fantastic way to travel if you want to get to know the city and have some fun at the sometime. In Sydney there is [...]
Airport Link   This is a railway service operating from 5AM till midnight 7 days a week, links the domestic and international terminals to all city circle railway stations. For additional information you can call 02 8337 8412 or visit the website   Buses   Sydney Busses operates in the entire city. The main bus terminals are at Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town [...]
For all Sydney backpackers who are on a low budget, most likely the fist thing in their minds is to finding cheapest accommodation. As it is with any other popular tourist destination amongst backpackers, the Internet is the ideal place to quickly find an abundance of information on cheap backpacker accommodation in Sydney.   A search for [...]
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