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Whale Watching Sydney

The Humpback whales journey past Sydney coastline each year, their timetable is predictable, but not exact.

Between mid May and early August they travel north to give birth and mate at this time of year they tend to swim at 4-5 knots (5-9km/h) and will have frequent down times. They may pass close by the boats to check us out as they swim, but will tend to keep moving north. They can be very lively, especially the large pods of males as they jockey for dominance in anticipation of the mating season.

Late August – December: The whales are voyaging south, Mothers with their newborns and males after the mating season. They have a propensity to spend more time on surface and swim slower (so that the calf can keep up!) although rarely you will see some long down times. This part of the season is best for Muggings were the whales would come up close to the boat and investigate us!


Other Whale Species

June – November: Other whales species will sporadically appear, here are some you might be able to see off Sydney.

The Blue whale

The biggest animal on the planet, you may see one or two per season. They can be difficult to watch with long down times and erratic directions!

Southern Right whale

The second most common visitor to the sea around Sydney, they often swim into the harbour or bays along the coast searching for a secure place to mate and give birth

Pilot whales and False Killer whales

Frequently seen in large pods these mammals are prone to beaching.


Both Tursiops truncatus (bottlenose or ‘flipper’ type) and common pacific dolphins live in our coastal waters.

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