Sydney Backpackers Having Risky Sex

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Heavy binge consumption amongst many Sydney backpackers is driving up risky sex and rates of sexually transmitted infections in Sydney, specialists say.


Loads of condoms have been distributed for free as a response to the increasing numbers of Sydney backpackers seeking diagnosis and treatment for new infections, especially Chlamydia.


In keeping with recent research, backpackers were more likely to report drinking alcohol in excessive amounts and then not using condoms while having sex, thereby increasing the risk of them contracting an STI.


The rising number of heterosexual backpackers with new sexually transmitted infections has now become a major concern to them health officials in Sydney. According to them from amongst those who suffer from an STI some also have HIV infections that they have acquired in other countries on the way to Australia.


The basic safe sex messages sent by them has fallen on deaf ears, have caused some alarm with the authorities.


It is very important that backpackers should always carry condoms with them because research shows, countries that are popular with backpackers, have higher rates of HIV and STIs than Australia.


Sydney health authorities and councils have now teamed up with the NSW Backpackers Operators Association to promote better sexual health practices among young international travellers.


This is why, making an effort to stop STIs from spreading some more, them folks at the Sydney health authorities and councils have taken the necessary steps to distributing free condoms for backpackers, at places where backpackers are accommodated.


Through strategically placed advertisements in Sydney backpacker magazines, the authorities are looking to educate the young international travellers on the negative effects of getting contaminated with the incurable disease.     


Figures presented at the Australasian sexual health congress in September showed number of people who have contaminated chlamydia are rising rapidly in major cities, and that five per cent of people under 25 are now believed to have the disease.

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