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Accommodation tips for Sydney Backpackers

For all Sydney backpackers who are on a low budget, most likely the fist thing in their minds is to finding cheapest accommodation. As it is with any other popular tourist destination amongst backpackers, the Internet is the ideal place to quickly find an abundance of information on cheap backpacker accommodation in Sydney.


A search for Sydney backpacker accommodation on any search engine will reveal a plethora of Sydney backpacker accommodation providers claiming they offer the cheapest accommodation in Sydney. However, to get the best deal in town you first need to do some serious research of your own.


After finding as many cheap accommodation providers in Sydney as you think is enough, you then need to compare the rates and facilities displayed by different, ‘providers of cheapest accommodation in Sydney’. Doing this will make it possible for you to find out the actual cheapest accommodation provider in Sydney as well as the Sydney budget accommodation provider offering the best value for your money. 


Your research will make you realize that some budget accommodation providers in Sydney may have Slightly higher rates than the cheapest accommodation providers, but when looking at the facilities they have and the kind of service they promise to their clients for the rates quoted, you can easily judge for your self as to whom should you choose between the two, whether it is the one having the cheapest backpacker accommodation rates in town or the one who is offering the best value for money budget accommodation deal in town.


Kings cross hostels, are often chosen by Sydney cheap accommodation seeking backpackers, because staying in a conveniently situated Kings cross hostel will help them save money otherwise spent on transportation. If you need to know more about Kings cross hostels, you can easily do so on the Internet  

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  1. jolly sydney hostel — 14/05/2009 #

    I also find that if you book online as opposed to walking into the hostel, the rates are much cheaper. I did this and saved myself $10 per night which doesnt sound like much but after a week, it pays for a night out.

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