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Minnamurra Falls   South of Sydney in the stunning Jamberoo Valley is the Budderoo National Park. Minnamurra Rainforest is part of this wonderful tropical rainforest and home to a great variety of exciting birds and rare plants. You should be able to hear, and usually see Lyrebirds showing off for females near their mounds at this time [...]
Schools   Schools in Sydney and New South Wales are renowned worldwide for having high a quality curriculum and innovative teaching. Computer technology, Internet, digital and multimedia materials are a part of everyday activities so students develop as creative and independent learners.   International students learn together with Australian students in safe, friendly, multicultural classrooms. Students are encouraged [...]
Lord Howe Island   A remote yet accessible World Heritage-listed destination, Lord Howe Island, is the perfect place to get away from it all. This is a magical island in the Tasman Sea, which is only a two hours’ flight from Sydney or Brisbane.   Here is a place where you can revitalise, de-stress and calm your soul. [...]
Central Coast   Merely an hour drive north of Sydney is the perfect destination for an extraordinary range of holiday and visitor attractions. Here you can enjoy Sunny, golden beaches, visit wildlife and nature reserves, the internationally famous reptile park and wineries, play golf just watch or engage yourself in various other sporting and recreation activates. [...]
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Heavy binge consumption amongst many Sydney backpackers is driving up risky sex and rates of sexually transmitted infections in Sydney, specialists say.   Loads of condoms have been distributed for free as a response to the increasing numbers of Sydney backpackers seeking diagnosis and treatment for new infections, especially Chlamydia.   In keeping with recent research, backpackers were more [...]
Local customs in Sydney often are same as local customs in whole of Australia.   Games:   The majority of Sydney residents seem to be fascinated with chess. This looks obvious because If you go for a stroll in downtown Sydney, especially around the Hyde Park area, you would see many people playing chess on normal size chess [...]
Airport Link   This is a railway service operating from 5AM till midnight 7 days a week, links the domestic and international terminals to all city circle railway stations. For additional information you can call 02 8337 8412 or visit the website   Buses   Sydney Busses operates in the entire city. The main bus terminals are at Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town [...]
For all Sydney backpackers who are on a low budget, most likely the fist thing in their minds is to finding cheapest accommodation. As it is with any other popular tourist destination amongst backpackers, the Internet is the ideal place to quickly find an abundance of information on cheap backpacker accommodation in Sydney.   A search for [...]
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