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Are you planning to go travelling or backpacking for an extended period of time? Are you worried about going alone? Well then, here are some important points for you to keep in mind.   ·         Those little plastic camera film containers are great for storing things. For example, you can use these as salt and pepper holders.   ·         [...]
The Humpback whales journey past Sydney coastline each year, their timetable is predictable, but not exact. Between mid May and early August they travel north to give birth and mate at this time of year they tend to swim at 4-5 knots (5-9km/h) and will have frequent down times. They may pass close by the boats [...]
Schools   Schools in Sydney and New South Wales are renowned worldwide for having high a quality curriculum and innovative teaching. Computer technology, Internet, digital and multimedia materials are a part of everyday activities so students develop as creative and independent learners.   International students learn together with Australian students in safe, friendly, multicultural classrooms. Students are encouraged [...]