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Backpacker Travelling tips Australia

Before you get there


Sydney hostels

Sydney hostels

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  1. jolly sydney hostel — 07/05/2009 #

    Sweet as!!!!!

    Did you ever check out our international website?

  2. Derekp — 24/06/2009 #

    I think i’ve seen this somewhere before…but it’s not bad at all

  3. Andrew — 24/08/2009 #

    Heres my tip for travelling around australia. Share lifts with others to save money (and make friends and have an adventure at the same time!!) lets you find like minded travellers for lifts!

  4. mical parado — 17/09/2009 #


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  6. Scotty — 19/01/2010 #

    Its also good to check out the for further handy tips !

  7. Annika — 25/01/2010 #

    picked up really cool tips, thanks!

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