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Probably the best place for flat-water windsurfing in Sydney is the Botany Bay. If the wind is blowing then it will definitely be blowing in Botany Bay. My personal choice is the area between the airport and Brighton Le Sands. And yeah, believe me when I say it can be pretty exciting going out near the runway and hearing the Jumbos take off. One serious annoyance in Botany Bay is the Jelly Fish, which have swarmed this area of the sea in their huge numbers. There are thousands per square cubic meter of water. They are big but they don’t seem to sting.


The drain at the Southern end of the golf coast at Palm Beach is a great place to do windsurfing, the water is pretty clean and it’s quite a good place to sail in a north easterly. However, since the hills around Pittwater are quite high wind consistency is pretty poor and it can get somewhat gusty at times.


Balmoral too is good for windsurfing, but it can be a real pain in the butt when trying to get out through the moored yachts. The only place I know where you can do that is from the southwestern end of the beach, here to you will have to spend half of your time going backwards and forwards between the island and all the boats. However, if you do manage to get out it’s probably not bad since there are often people out there. Anyways, the only times this place is of any good is in north easterlies, since it is fairly hilly around Balmoral. You need to also be aware that Middle Harbour becomes pretty polluted after heavy rains, the water becomes very thick brown from all the storm water drains and the overflow from the sewerage system.


Collary / Long Reef is another place where you can do your surfing is also a popular location with them ocean going sailors.


If you are a novice and is looking to learn windsurfing then Narrabeen lakes is where you can do that. It’s pretty much a closed area of water and one side of the lake is shallow enough to stand in for a long way out. However the problem here is that it can get seriously crowded at times and the lake itself is merely 200-300 metres across.


Another good place to go windsurfing is the Rose Bay. It’s ok, pretty good in northerlies, and north easterlies, but being in the main harbour it can be a bit dirty. Much of the bay is not at all deep you can stand quite a long way out.


You can also try out Mayall lakes, which is about three and a half hours drive up north from Sydney. This is also a pretty pleasant place to camp.


Smith Lake is in the same direction as Mayall Lakes but is further away and a much nice place to sail. The lake has a sandy bottom and you can stand in quite a number of places. Great place for smooth water sailing


Geroa is another place you can tryout as well, Geroa seems to get very good winds, usually five knots more than the surrounding places

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