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Them Sydney backpackers who are passionate about surfing, there are plenty of popular surfing locations around Sydney where you can do just that. Actually, not many other metropolitan areas in the world can come even close to Sydney, in terms of the variety and quality of options available. Miles and miles of Pacific pounded beaches, stretching as far as your eyes can see are there for you to explore whilst your stay in Sydney.


The best surfing beaches are up on the North Shore however, the city’s south and east have plenty of choices as well.  Surfing being an extremely popular activity in this city, you’ll find the waves at the better breaks packed on a good day, and there are a few beaches were you should be wary of the locals and their particularly violent rep.


Here are some delightful locations, where you can practice your passion anytime you feel like it.


Maroubra Beach


Maroubra Beach is the place where you will find aggressive, territorial locals most. Be warned, they’re not the friendliest bunch of people you’d like to meet even not so often, an encounter will make you realise, no wonder why they are popularly know as dickheads. However, If you do manage to get yourself a place at the Maroubra Beach, you will find some great long waves; it’s generally an easy paddle out, so make use of the rip near the rocks for an express trip back out. Usually the place gets pretty crowded, especially if there’s good surf — but that’s mainly because it’s by far the best surf beach in the eastern suburbs.


Tamarama Beach


Tamarama Beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney is located 7 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Waverley Council. This beach is popularly known amongst the locals also by its nickname ‘Glamarama’, because this is the beach where them who are seriously beautiful or trend setters come to sunbathe and swim or simply try to be seen.


Situated about 1 kilometer south of the world famous Bondi Beach and a couple of hundred metres north of Bronte Beach Tamarama has a small but perfectly formed ocean beach. The best of what Tamara has on offer to those who come to this area are are its pretty landscapes, gully, parks, beach, ocean, quiet surrounds and convenient location nestled between Bondi and Bronte beaches.


Bondi Beach


This Sydney’s iconic beach suburb is not a good destination for them diehard surfers, but then, there is something to be said to your folks when you return home, that you went surfing at the world famous Bodi Beach while in Sydney, I guess.


Since the surf at Bondi Beach is not at all challenging like in other locations, there is a surfing school here for them absolute beginners. Similarly to Manly Beach, Bondi Beach too has a very international crowed and tends to be very laid back.    



Cronulla Beach


Cronulla Beach is situated on the southern outskirts of Sydney. This area also known as “gods country” became famous recently because of racial riots, so, be warned if you have dark skin, may be you might draw some flack from the more cerebral amongst the locals. The beach point is good but it is the nearby shark island you wouldn’t want to miss. Awesome on a normal day, when there is a swell you will get the ride of your life, the place gets seriously over crowded however. 


Manley Beach


Manley Beach though looks as if one long beach is actually three beaches that run together. The area, compared to other northern beaches, is easily accessible even if you don’t have a car. You can do surfing here but like the Cronulla Beach this too gets seriousl crowded but mostly with foreigners. There are some surfing schools that are offering lessons for beginners.     




Queenscliff is basically the north end of Manley; the place is easy to get in to and is great to have a nice and easy beach break. If you are a decent rider then you might want to head out to the Queenscliff Bombora. Though it is a bit of a puddle to get there, actually much further than it looks, over here you will find the waves massive and powerful, the spot is definitely only for them experts. 


North Avalon


If you are interested in seeing some young crazy ass surfers in action, then this is the best place to spot them. The High School across the road even offers surfing as a subject so you certainly will run in to some pretty tidy surfers here. The place is quite a distance from the city, so if you choose to travel this far up north, you should be ready to allocate an entire day for your visit.


North Narrabeen


In an area where there are plenty of great beaches, North Narrabeen is famous as one of the best places to surf. Depending on which ways the swells go, this area offers some very different options for them surfers, but then it’s all a quality ride. Being a very crowded beach, North Narrabeen seems to be infested with locals who are always itching for a fight, so if you want to practice some peaceful surfing you can head up to North Point, they tend not to venture up there.


Newport Beach


In Newport you have two options, the northern end is a beach break with nice long waves. However, this place too gets crowded with locals. At the south end there is a reef break with great barrels, but be ready to do some a hard paddling to get there. After you are finished with surfing, pay a visit to the huge beer garden at the Newport Arms hotel      

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    I love manly beach, its a lot less crowded than bondi and the waves are better. Perfect place for a day of surfing.

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