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Most often, backpackers seek to spend the night in a decent, clean and comfortable backpacker accommodation joint also having room charges that will comfortably fit in to their limited budget.


It is important that backpacker accommodation is located in the vicinity, if not all, but at least the majority of the ‘happening places’ in the area. This is because, it is only then budget tourists like backpackers, can look to minimizing their otherwise huge traveling costs involved if their backpacker hotel is located far away from the popular attractions/nightclubs of the area.


When looking for backpacker accommodation, personal safety should also be taken in to serious consideration. Obviously, you wouldn’t like the idea of spending a night in some unknown backpacker accommodation joint you found on the Internet, where, the very first thing you feel as you walk in, is that it is highly likely all of your personal belongings will be gone by morning! So, it is vital that you choose a place that will give you a sense of security during your stay, long before you actually arrive at your backpacker hotel.


Backpacker accommodation joints that are highly frequented and also are recommended by backpackers themselves, can give you a sense of security, because then you know that many others just like you have stayed there before and have had happy, pleasant experiences, so much so that they even want to recommend it to others as well.


So, after you have decided on the destination you want to travel, you should search on the Internet for backpacker accommodation joints in the area you are looking to travel which, are also recommended by other travelers who have been their before.


How you can get about doing this is, by looking to find what other travelers have to say about your chosen backpacker accommodation provider in public travel blogs and travel forums.


You can compare rates and checkout what other travelers recommend as backpacker accommodation places where they suggest as places where you can get the best service for your money. You can also look to find out backpacker accommodation places that are also ideally located, within close proximity, to the attraction/attractions in the area that you are most interested in seeing over others.


If you are a passionate back packer, using the Internet to find out what your chosen destination has to offer in the form of tourist attractions and best backpacker accommodation, before you arrive at your destination, can save you both time and money. Getting to know about the place you are looking to travel, before you actually get there, will help you avoid getting disappointed after you get there.    

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  1. Posted 05/05/2009 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    A really great idea is to make sure that the backpackers Accommodation is registered with the city council and has all the safety certificates for the business.

    Fire safety for Backpackers Hostel Accommodation is very important.

    Health Certificate means that all the rooms are clean tidy and healthy. The paint work is up to date and there is no infestation of bugs.

    Insurance certification is very important too!!

    Any Backapckers Hostel which is a member of BOA — backpackers Operators Association, should be a good and safe place to stay as the members have a committment to the industry of backpacking and tourism in Australia.

  2. germanman
    Posted 06/05/2009 at 7:48 pm | Permalink

    that’s great. didn’t know that before. thanks for the info jolly.

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