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Sydney Local Customs

Local customs in Sydney often are same as local customs in whole of Australia.




The majority of Sydney residents seem to be fascinated with chess. This looks obvious because If you go for a stroll in downtown Sydney, especially around the Hyde Park area, you would see many people playing chess on normal size chess boards that are placed on park benches or on the ground, while some have chosen to play their game on the giant sized Chess board that is painted on concrete.


During lunchtime, there is a sudden population surge in this area because many folks gather here to play a game of chess with a colleague, while enjoying their lunch in one of the many trendy cafés that are located in the area. If you are lover of the game, then get your self to Hyde Park, may be you too can join in since it seems anyone can join in.


Drinks and Food


As a foreigner, when talking of Aussie cuisine, to me it seems Aussie pies are the best-known examples. These are hand-held savoury pastries that are being made using different types of meat, carrots, English peas, potatoes, and possibly other vegetables. Aussie pies are similar to American potpie but can be hand held. Mind the filling, as it could be hot




It seems many Australian men prefer wearing white shirts and black suites for work. It is somewhat true with women as well, but unlike men they often wear red shoes or pink ribbon with their black attire. However, you will also see plenty of them renegades that are dressed in what they think as comfortable casual cloths.




Tipping is not practiced, very rarely if ever, would be much appreciated if you give a tip, but that will only make it look obvious that you are a visitor to the city. May be you can save the change to pay for the ever increasingly expensive hotels or to have another pint of beer.




Captain Cook discovered the Sydney area in 1788. He landed in Botany Bay at a spot called la perouse, and proclaimed Australia as a British colony. However, it was the Dutch who discovered the area 200 years before them Brits did, but they were too slow to stake their claim! There is a statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park. You can visit Botany Bay if you want to see some early convict history.

The historical Fort Dennison (an island), where they jailed the convicts is now a restaurant. They kept them convicts here as prisoners because the shark infested waters around it made it impossible for them convicts to getaway by swimming ashore. 


Australia Day, Sydney


On the 26th of January each year Australians celebrate Australia day. On this day in 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip became Governor of the Colony of New South Wales. A multitude of events are held all over Sydney on the 26 January, celebrating the anniversary of the beginning of British settlement. If you want to learn more about the Australia day visit the Australia day website at




On ANZAC Day Australians commemorate all them brave Australian soldiers who fought for Australia in the two world wars, and those who are fighting to protect the nation even today. The beautiful monument built on their behalf is in Hyde Park, you can pay respect any time of the year, but it will be in April that the monument will see most of its offerings of remembrance.

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